Bobble Hatted Drama Queen

15 Nov

It’s not even cold today, right? I’m glowing from my sprint to the station and I’m not wearing a coat and I’m just wearing a hoody and a vest under it. I’ve just opened the window on the train as it’s too warm. My hair is a right off and my face is sliding towards my chest. Yet I am still seeing people with huge bobble hats on combined with massive furry coats and boots like it is the depths of the arctic rather than Plumstead on a mild day. It is that time of year when people don’t have a clue about what to wear. The spider avoiders were all trussed up in the same fashion and warbling on very loudly this morning. The boyfriend/husband was fucking about on the platform edge making the female giggle like her love eggs were turned on to FULL and she was on the very brink. That feeling of euphoria would soon be forgotten when he slips in front of a train. Maybe she wants that to happen as she was very encouraging to this fuckery at such an hour. The “here to help” fuckwits were in their same spot as always but he has a yellow tabard now as opposed to a grubby London 2012 hand me down pink one. I see that they jot down the times that the trains arrive or should I say the time they can see the train which is when Southeastern say that they have arrived when in reality it is at least 60-90 seconds after that. Is the time they advertise the time that the train is meant to arrive or the time it’s meant to leave – does anyone know? Vague motherfuckers. Time to post. 


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