Meh Monday 

14 Nov

It’s a bit drizzly, the train was a bit late and it’s a bit full of fuckwits and I’m a bit ill soon to be more so and so the only way to describe this particular Monday is with a meh. Bloke next to me just managed to move his leg in time for me to plonk my ass down. His bag is on the floor under his seat but I’m unsure why when he has a lap for that shit but he is choosing to use his entire lap as a table for his massive phone. As always he looked at me as if I had admitted that I was a Trump supporter and practically huffed and puffed when I had the audacity to place my derriere onto an empty seat. Fuck off dear – you aren’t the queen of this train. Some manual labour types sitting in the seats in front and one is clutching a giant ruler so I can only assume he was given homework for being a fuckwit at work or he was trying to show his girlfriend quite how small his manhood is. I won’t ever know but I can imagine that the latter is true. Train isn’t sounding healthy and came to a spluttering shuddering stop at Woolwich Dockyard so I’m unsure if we will make it all the way to Cannon Street without being turfed off… They fucking better not even think about it. I don’t have time to fight for space with the morons. It’s painful enough getting up feeling like this let alone having to deal with these fuckwits on the train and the possibility of needing to deal with them elsewhere as well. Wish me luck, dear Obborati. I will need it. 


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