Buggy Chavs

11 Nov

What a lovely morning and having to (I mean choosing to) make a big fat fatty shift so I can sit in the window seat. His friend/girlfriend is sitting in the two seats in front and they are blocking the aisle with a buggy containing an ugly benefits baby. Now, why they can’t sit next to each other on a commuter train is beyond me. No need for two people to take up four seats with their bulk and bags (saddle and hand) so why? When I asked him to move he looked at me as if I had suggested selling their ugly kid to gypsies and the look she shot me when I opened the window was even worse. The hilarity of these scumbags is amazing and their complete selfishness is astonishing. They don’t give a fuck about anyone else. They are the UK equivalent of Trump supporters – especially him. I can only think they are on their way yo court as there is no way on earth they are work bound. Court for the public gallery – nephew Wayne must be up pn a burglary charge – as they are tracksuited and chip fat stinking. I think they think this stops at London Bridge too as they are talking about getting the jubilee line. Good luck with that. Time to post. 


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