I’m Not Flirting With You

10 Nov

So I’m opposite the creepy looking motherfucker above and my knee is touching his. Thankfully he has just decided to get up to get off at Woolwich Arsenal but the look he gave me was a complete come on and I almost vomited in his giant Tesco bag that had to sit in between his gaping legs. Thank fuck he has gone or this would have been a very different journey. I hate men who think they are the object of my affections just because I have no choice but to touch them. I could have wrapped my legs around my neck to avoid having to touch knees but sadly I’m not that agile and I can’t be arsed doing that when I want to keep my feet on the floor. No Debs again today so as you can imagine I’m very worried now and hope all is OK with her hubster. Train was late AGAIN today with no reason given AGAIN and so a battle ensued with those spider avoiders who keep thinking that spot on the platform belongs to them. No dears, it’s mine. It’s been a really shit week for trains and it was only last night’s 18.48 that worked as closely as it should do. Still very confused by this temporary timetable which they keep alerting me about via the app in the morning though. It’s not even been cold. What the fuck is the problem? Anyway I’m going to post so I can stare out of the window in the hope of eye contact with someone attractive who may rush over and rescue me. 


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