Continual Fuckage

9 Nov

So last night I had Hugh hopes. I didn’t want to get the overly rammed 18.30 so I ambled to the station and hopped onto the 18.48 which stayed quite empty and left on time so I was due to get to Plumstead about 19.15 and I could skip along and get some food. Great, hey? Nope. After we left Cannon Street and passed through London Bridge the fuckers decide to divert the train via Lewisham and Bexleyheath due to an “incident” at Woolwich Arsenal and so it became a magical mystery tour which didn’t see yours truly fall through the door of her house until 20.21 -a fucking shambles. The train wasn’t sure where other was going; the app and platform announcements said it was going to fork left after Blackheath and go via Charlton to take me to Plumstead but the driver had other ideas. I cut my loses at Lewisham and took my life in my hands as I got off and my first challenge was to find my way out of the station which was scuppered at every turn due to the “improvement” works going on meaning the usual exit to the bus stop was sealed off so I went down the stairs and up the stairs and around the houses. I eventually found the bus stop after going through wrong way and then after more waiting I got onto a surprisingly empty 180 and trundled off to a traffic-free journey. At that time of night everyone is at home and in bed. Just the poor Southeastern fuckers wanting to get home who were still out. So today not only do we have to deal with the reality that America are about to fuck the rest of us royally but also that the 7.34 was delayed yet again and it is currently quite busy. I’m ready to do myself in already and I still have a morning of a Cisco webinar to deal with. Help me NOW. 


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