Tell Me…? 

8 Nov

Why is there a temporary timetable you week due to adverse rail conditions? What are these adverse rail conditions? Why was my 7.34 cancelled yesterday? Where is Debs? Why were the trains so massively fucked last night as well? Why did I have to get the DLR home as there was seemingly no trains last night? Why is the train delayed again this morning? Why do ticket inspectors appear when your service is at its shittest putting them at risk of a punch? Who are these “here to help” fuckwits on the platform and why do they do anything but help? Are you staff allowed to assist a passenger with a buggy down the stairs? If not, why not? Why do the dregs of hell travel on your train every day? Why is it that when I see a window seat and ask the douchbag sitting on the outside to move he tries to sit in the window seat? Why does he then strop when I say I wanted to sit there and flounce off to another seat? Why didn’t he just sit in another seat to begin with? Why is the prick now sitting in the aisle seat listening to shite music that I can hear over my own with my headphones in both ears? Why do I continue to pay for this fucking bullshit day after day? Why don’t Southeastern take responsibility for the actions of Network Rail and admit you truth about delays and cancellations? Do you think any of these questions will ever be answered? When will Prince Charming come and whisk me away from all this? 


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