Friday Brats

4 Nov

Train is late but thankfully not full as the next one people will wait for doesn’t go to the same place so the early ones won’t pile into this one when it arrives so that is a blessing . Sadly the platform easily awash with non English speaking schoolie brats shouting and fucking about and of course they then got onto the train. They were with the people who shit bricks the other day when the tiny spider came down from the roof to attack them by the throat. They engaged in loud waffling until the train came then the spider haters got on and went one way am the brats went the other. I ended up sitting next to a manspreader who I moved and then I was able to move to a window seat at Woolwich Arsenal as the two bitches in front got up and got off. A massive number of people getting off at Woolwich yesterday days and I have Mo idea why. The DLR is there but why the change? It never used to be that busy. The dope I was next to who is now behind me and thinks he has long legs rammed them into the back of the seat which was met with protestations from my literate self and by the time we got to Woolwich Dockyard he had to move again to let someone else sit down. Wanker. No Debs today again at I have no news so hopefully I will see her next week to see how everything is. Time to post as the window needs my attention.  


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