31 Oct

We even had an extra hour of it but it still went way too fast but I did have about ten hours of track cycling packed in over the two days which is enough to tire anyone out especially with a huge amount of that time shouting abuse at Wiggins and Cavendish whom I hate intently. Thankfully my hate paid off as they finished second overall and I smugfaced all the way home. Halloween is today even though I’ve had “spooky” twats hanging about since Friday night. It really is the time of year that girls want to dress up as slags in the name of fun. Most of them didn’t even have the figure to be a slag either. I had to cover my eyes on more than one occasion. I’m just head I was out for the last three evenings to miss the begging little shits that have no problem hammering on strangers doors asking for sweets. The train came with the promised extra two carriages but there are still too many fuckwits to deal with. Two got on at Woolwich Dockyard -imagine Kevin and Perry from back in the day but these two are much more in touch with their feminine side and are discussing the spots they have and keep brushing their trousers. Time to post as I want to turn the music down so I can hear this shit properly and laugh. 


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