No Debs

28 Oct

I guess she went in early again so I’m on the 7.34 on my own. Two twats stood inside me on the platform as a teeny tiny spider was coming down from the “roof” area and they were shitting themselves and moving closer and closer to the platform edge so it didn’t go onto them. I can’t even describe my annoyance and eye rolling as the “drama” unfolded. What a pair of pricks? The ticket inspectors made a now rare appearance at the station, slumped against the wall either side of the doors and chatting shit to each other and not actually doing any work at all. As always I made comment “another busy day for you” but seeing as they are as thick as shit they missed my sarcastic tone and agreed with me until I pointed out the sarcasm. There is a reason that people of that mental agility can only aspire to veins a ticket inspector, nightclub doorman or a delivery driver for Yodel and I think the latter would turn this collection of fuckwit down fast. I got onto the train and seeing as I like to get off last -Debs taught me well – I ambled to a seat next to the window in a block of six seats. As the doors were beeping to close, on came a woman who you would have thought had just completed a marathon with Mo Farah with the over dramatic huffing and puffing emanating from her gob. She must have just had to run down the steps and onto the train door next to the bottom of the steps but she should think about getting fit if that is how she is after a few paces at speed. What a mess. She had to open the window and was still huffing BY Woolwich -classy hey? Time to post so I can stare out of the window. 


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