24 Oct

Sitting next to a bloke honking of BO who wasn’t happy when the second he sat down and put his VIB down next to him, he was told by yours truly to shift it. When he started huffing and puffing he was told “yep, not even a second to relax” which has now caused him to flick his paper over in a strop and he is trying to claim space. No mate, this Bitch ain’t moving for you. The train literally gets in and he launched at the door from behind me and pushed and pushed in front of me and every fucker else who had been waiting. People like this don’t deserve to joy of travelling on these trains let alone wander about the planet. A bag on a seat is bait to me and the rest of you out there who feel this pain and anger when you see the same you are are compelled to get them to move even if there are loads of other seats. I thrive on this feeling. I bet he will either get off at Deptford or Woolwich Dockyard – he is classic of those stops. Time to post as we are leaving soon and there is no room for my chubby arms in the aisle anymore. 


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