Train Thickies

18 Oct

Why is it that even when people know the trains are ridiculously overcrowded in the evening due to a low number going down my line that they STILL insist on sitting in the aisle seat and STILL insist on huffing like I’ve just asked them to have oral sex with me when I ask them politely to move so I can get to the window seat? She’s pregnant – this is not my problem neither does it mean you can’t sit on the window seat. You aren’t even showing. She stayed in the seat as did the bloke sitting directly in front of her when the poor fucker who I see every day struggled on with his crutches. Crutches trump your choice to have unprotected sex love so get up and move your ass as he isn’t able to. The twat in front is wearing wireless in-car headphones and he isn’t connected to his phone properly so we can hear his shit music loud and clear. I need my ipod and fast. I can’t deal with any of this and I want my own sweary little bubble to escape to in case I catch fuckwittery. Laters, Obborati. 


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