18 Oct

Thank fuck I’m sitting after standing all the way yesterday morning. I didn’t get straight on to a seat mind, a man who was getting off at Woolwich Arsenal got up just after we left Plumstead and so I leapt to fill the gap he left without a moment’s hesitation. I’m sick of this bullshit every day without enough seats on these fucking awful trains. I’ve been commuting for ten years and never have had to stand from Plumstead on such a ridiculously regular basis – where have these fuckers all come from? I couldn’t blog last night even though I wanted to and that was because I got to the train with five minutes to go before it had to leave and it was already rammed so I had to jam myself in between two manspreading arsehole with their legs agape and their papers all laid out over their massive laps. Both had their coat and suit jacket on the empty seat between them and so both had that shoved up under my ass when I sat there. These scumbags never move to let people sit down, it’s the woman’s job to do that and weather I’m trying to get to a seat or sitting opposite these scumbags I am always the one that has to move as they think they don’t have to. With my weight battering against their knees and stamping on their toes soon wipes the smug smile off their faces. Speaking of wiping smug smiles, I had the pleasure of telling the office fuckwit to sit back down when he was leaving the office at 17.54 yesterday. He said he had got in early but he was soon put back into his box by yours truly when I told him that we all have trains to catch and we all want to get home but he is paid until six and so he must stay until six like the rest of us. The fucking arsehole lives in Hackney – our office is in Hackney. This speaks volumes for his stupidity and selfishness. He lives the closest to work and says he has to get the Overground train home – dear, when you realise they run every few minutes and that you are most likely in your front door by the time most of us get to a train station then you will realise what a twat you are. I don’t get home until around 7.30pm on average. That fucker is living in a dream world if he thinks he has it tough. Friday is his last day. I hope he never comes back to the UK. 


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