Friday Fruitloop 

14 Oct

So the train was a minute or so late and I wasn’t the first one there, a lady I have seen many times was so when the train did get in I let her get on first and there was a seat but some prick had a teeny tiny little paper bag on it. She asked for him to move it, she asked again and again and he didn’t even look over. Then she just picked it up and moved it and he went absolutely apeshit which scared her. Moments after she sat down he got up and huffed off down the train, obviously looking for another seat and of course I laughed and leapt into the seat he had vacated and the people nearby all sad what a dick he was but the lady was a bit shaken so I calmed her down and asked if she was OK again. Then even before we left Plumstead he came stomping back towards the front of the train as he hadn’t managed to find a seat – surprise – and she was scared again at which point I asked if she wanted to swap so I sat on the outside in case he came back. She didn’t and I think she is OK but some people need a kick in the bollocks for sure. Why on earth did he think his tiny little shopping bag was allowed a seat? What a fucking cock. The sheer attitude he showed when she asked to sit down was ridiculous. It was tiny, like one of those mincey bags you get when buying jewellery. I think he got up and stropped off because of the laughter emanating from me as his reaction was hilarious. He had put that bag there waiting for someone to challenge him and sadly it was the nice quiet lady instead of the gobby bitch but thankfully the quiet lady had the bitch right there to assist her. Time to post as I’m on duty now to keep my eyes peeled in case he does come back. Fucking cock. 


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