Cannon Street Bound 

13 Oct

I should be sitting with Debbie but she was at the front of a clump when I arrived and so I didn’t want to push in because people had been waiting and the train five minutes late. I am going to Cannon Street though which I don’t like but the London Bridge train would have been late and more rammed than usual so I’m sitting on a fairly empty 7.34 which still has seats available after Woolwich Arsenal. Sadly, there is no peace because of three people taking up six seats with feet and bags, and the one woman in the corner is bellowing a story at the top of her voice. Imagine three Amy Childs wannabes all in a row – yeah, that loud. It isn’t necessary at all as the people are sat close to her and they aren’t old or have any sort of audio assistance clipped to their head. Having a seat on this train reminds me of the olden days when we used to be able to get a train like this – old style with enough seats that were comfy – to London Bridge rather than having to go to Cannon Street which is going to be evil with all the dopey fucks ambling along to get out of the station. Needless to say I’m dreading that bit of my journey. It’s shit. It makes me want to be one of these twats who get on the front of the train to avoid having to walk far at Cannon Street even though I’ve walked the same distance at the station I’m getting on at. I would want to be on those carriages so I don’t need to wait twenty minutes for the slow twats to make their way through the ticket barriers. It’s going to be a long day if this is how it’s stared. 


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