Royal Perch 

11 Oct

This train has already had a fault that has allegedly been fixed so we will see how far it gets me. Even though it was delayed and apparently didn’t pick anyone up from Dartford it meant that my special seat was as available and I’m in the wonderful luggage rack and enjoying the privacy away from the scum below me. There was even a luggage rack in the next carriage and a seat became available in front of me but I’m sticking with this. A man has decided to stand right in front of me which is annoying as he is in no way attractive and his paper is impinging on my private space which isn’t nice. He is reading the Guardian – this means he wouldn’t be able to string a sentence together even if he wanted to. I am feeling quite rough today and I almost called in sick but I am battling through it so I don’t feel guilty about not being at work. I wish I had got shitfaced yesterday in celebration of the wonderful news of the office fuckwit leaving but I had a bath, ate cold pizza and went to bed. I am meant to be off to the cinema tonight too but I am going to see if I can go on Friday instead as it is somehow free this week which is the first free Friday in a long time. Time to post as I’m at Charlton and battling to see daylight now with the newspaper spread out by the standing manspreader. I hope the train doesn’t get another fault. I don’t want to have to speak to any of these fuckwits today. 


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