10 Oct

Taking you back to Friday evening now and although I really enjoyed the play I went to see, the shine was taken off the evening by a scummy arsehole on the tube who thought it was his place to randomly let me know that I should go to the gym. Of course he was expecting me to start to cry and be greatly insulted but instead I responded with a sarcastic expletive laden reply that went right over his head as English wasn’t his first language. What sort of arsehole does that? I say all sorts of things about people here but that isn’t the same as the likelihood they will ever read it let alone realise it is about them is virtually zero. He was sober and blatant. Took his earphone out, looked me up and down, leaned forward and struggled to think of the word but said it all the same. I don’t give a shit what people think about me or say to my face but if I wasn’t of that mindset it could have been horrible. Top tips if you want to ensure a cutting comment and that is not to go for the obvious – see a fat person and say something other than that they are fat and should go to the gym because that is too easy and they will have heard it all before. Onto the train this morning and I fucking well lucked out as someone was getting off and so a seat was there waiting for me otherwise the luggage rack was occupied and a different mother and child are taking up two seats when it should be one. It is what I needed as Mondays such (as you know) when you have had a star studded weekend and are again catapulted back to reality on Mondays. Time to post. 


One Response to “Unnecessary ”

  1. Eddie October 10, 2016 at 7:06 am #

    What a wanker

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