Buggy Blocker

10 Oct

Train pulled in at 18.20 and I am on and ready to get off at Charlton as I am done with the Woolwich shit now for ever. Obviously I am in the right place for the doors as I had lined myself up with the train on platform 2 but as it was coming in slowly the people further along kept shooting me smug looks as they thought it was stopping. As they shuffled along with the doors they were soon stopped in their tracks by my bulk and of course my own smug face back to them – don’t fuck with me you stupid morons, just do what I do and you won’t look so thick. Train has been here for three or four minutes and already there are no seats for people just getting on. When will this fuckage end? Still five more minutes worth of people to get on before we leave. The title refers to the twat and his kid who were stood next to me on the platform edge “yes this is our place and we will get into our seats darlingdarling” he said as the train was pulling in. Obviously he wasn’t in the right place and as the train kept going and the kid started screaming for the train to stop I was happy in the knowledge I would be getting into MY seat on the train – window seat by the door. Two minutes until the train should leave and we now have no room by the doors but plenty further down as people like to block the way. Nothing can take the shine off my day though as the best news has happened and the office fuckwit has handed in his notice and we can organise a lovely boozy leaving do for him on 21st October. He won’t know anything about it as I have absolutely no intention of letting him know but we will certainly celebrate a lot on that day. His girlfriend dumped him after he moved over from South Africa to be with her and we are all shocked it lasted this long as he has been here since May I think. Poor bitch deserves a medal after putting up with him for as long as she did do. He always moans about this country so now he can fuck off back to whence he came and leave us in peace. Drinks for BdJ tonight – might even try and have a hangover for tomorrow. Time to post. 


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