Fat Back Friday 

7 Oct

So not only are there no seats but most that are occupied are over subscribed by huge people who have come from nowhere who are currently dining on crisps for fucking breakfast. The people o the outside seats are sitting with only one cheek on their seat while the fat backs spread right out. Hilarity now as she is drinking a Diet Coke with her crisp breakfast. I am most pleased though as I am in my fave seat in the luggage rack and I can look at whatever I want to on my phone and not a single person can look over my shoulder and see what I’m doing. On closer inspection – her trotter moved to allow me to see properly – she is shovelling Mini Cheddars down her throat and they are worse than crisps. No wonder she’s needing a seat and a half. I bet they drove to the station too and only live minutes away. Mini Cheddars stink so we are also having to endure that along with her sheer bulk and sound of chomping and rustling. Thank fuck I’m not on a commuter train tonight and I can avoid fuckage such as that later. I think she knew I took a picture of her but to be honest I’m past caring now. What’s she going to do about it? I could just jog slightly and leave her in my dust. Friday has taken a LONG time to come this week and I am tired. Oh, she is talking to the woman in the trench coat with her back to me in the picture so she must be a fat back daughter. She is pretty wide as well and it was hard to feed through the seats to my special place. Time to post as I need to stare at the wall opposite to cleanse my soul. 


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