Zombie Kid

6 Oct

I went a different way home last night and tried getting the 422 from Westcombe Park instead of a 177 or 180 from Charlton as I had to see if it was better to avoid the cesspit that is Woolwich. It was just as shit – waited ten minutes for a bus and then it was rammed with fuckwits all stood by the door who didn’t want to move because they might miss their stop like anyone else gives a fuck. Funnily most all fucked off the buss over the next three stops so I was sitting nicely in a seat near the wheelchair space. Soon a woman got on with a buggy and sat next to me and rammed the buggy into the space. The kid in this buggy was glued to her iPhone playing something to do with learning the alphabet but the kid only moved every two minutes to jab the screen to play the letter D all over again. It was fucking horrible to watch. The mother just sat and stared into space for the 15 minutes they were there except when the phone rang and she snatched it out of the zombie kid’s porky mitt and took the call as the kid screamed and wailed. It was amazing when they got off. I wasn’t a fan of being forced to watch 21st century parenting first hand. It scared the shit out of me. Why don’t parents just talk to their kids? On the train and AGAIN there wasn’t even a luggage rack to sit on today so I stood in my usual place and spotted a seat empty when we got to Woolwich in the next carriage and so I skipped through and parked myself. Getting pretty sick of this now. Ten coaches is not enough. We have had the ability for 12 coaches on this line for three years now and I am yet to see a 12 coacher at morning rush hour. I don’t know how much longer I can take this morning shit that is going on until 2018. I would get the DLR but I hate Bank and although getting off at Shadwell and getting the Overground to Shoreditch High Street is an option I can’t stand having to be in such close proximity to bearded hipster twats in those areas. I might ask if work will open an office just down the road from me so I can go there to work to avoid this perpetual fuckage that is my life of late. It is fucking ridiculous. Day after day of the same shit rammed down my throat. Never the same faces but always the same shit. I’m ready to retire I think. Fuck this. 


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