Unwanted Seat

30 Sep

The kid and her mother aren’t on so there were THREE seats available when the train pulled in but I just wanted to sit in the luggage rack which was occupied so I’m now in a seat and hating it. It feels so public. Especially with a paper flapping manspreader opposite and next to me. The opposite one is now above so you can see him in all his massive cock and ball glory. I can hear the kid further down the train causing havoc. It is most certainly time for the ipod. Ain’t nobody got time for a wailing kid on a commuter train when it isn’t even their kid. I wonder if we will stop at Blackheath again this morning like we did yesterday when we weren’t meant to? I think I was the only one who batted am eyelid and I was shocked we weren’t swamped by the wannabes who get on there – who live in Lewisham but travel there to get the train to look better. I think only one or two people got on. Most strange as they usually all pile on when a train comes like they can’t get out of there fast enough. It’s been a long week but Friday is here at last and I can’t wait to lay in tomorrow and catch up on some sleep. I just wish I could lay down now. I don’t think anyone on the train would even notice as they are all in their selfish little bubbles. Time to post as we are nearing the big tunnel. 


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