Slimy Pavements 

29 Sep

It had rained a bit before I woke up and was drizzling slightly when I left the house and this made the pavement on Plumstead Highstreet feel very greasy underfoot and I can only assume this is due to years of fried chicken and vomit accumulating on the surface. It does need a good high pressure wash so the stones are safe to walk along when it is a bit damp otherwise it’s like walking on ice and I don’t want to slip over. Train actually arrived a little early today and the kid with a seat to itself is yet again hogging space while her mother sits opposite either glued to her phone or with her eyes shut as she is as I type this sentence. No need to have her on her own seat and she should be on her mother’s lap out of the way. She has her legs crossed and up on the seat today too. It’s not a good way to raise your kid to be in public. The “customer assistance” morons with pink tabards were both on platform 1 when I arrived and were talking shit to each other as always. I was tempted to ask them when the display board was going to be fixed so we can see how many coaches the trains are made up from but it would have been painful and necer actually get fixed and so I slumped off to my place and waited. In the luggage rack again today even though there was a seat. I’d rather be here up high where I belong. Time to post. Sigh. 


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