Battle For The Seats

26 Sep

I say seats and there aren’t any and even my luggage rack was occupied but the next carriage had availability and I’m sat opposite a little fitty I had the pleasure of the week before last. Could be a lot worse. There was a child with a seat all to itself while it’s mother stared at her phone and there was no way it was moving to let people sit down. I’m glad I spotted this little place. It’s better than a seat. If you haven’t done the luggage rack then I suggest you give it a whirl. Heating is on unnecessarily again today for unknown reasons and I’m glowing so I’m sure the bloke opposite that I will try and woo with just my eyes will be looking elsewhere. I can’t believe it’s still September as this is the first month that has positively dragged. Adding the photo of the fitty and I understand he does look 12 but he is the best of a very bad lot and it’s just him and a lady that stands on the platform with me that I recognise every day. Everyone else seems to change. 


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