23 Sep

Got to the station just as the 7.34 was pulling out. Obvs had no intention of getting it as it was late and goes to Cannon Street which is a ballache to deal with and so didn’t bat an eyelid. The moron in front of me however who was wearing a backwards faux Superman cap, saw the train start to pull out and behaved in the same way as England fans when they miss a goal; hands up in the air and then linked behind his neck when he realised he had no time to make it. I always comment in these situations and as I passed him – they slow down to make missing a train look twice as dramatic as it needs to be – I said “oh well, there will be another one in ten minutes” and as his pride had been bruised he just sneered at me as I chuckled and continued to saunter to my position on the platform edge. What a fuckwit? The train was late anyway so he would have missed it anyway with the time he arrived at the station. He is stood just down from me now with his hands shoved into his tracksuit pockets and he is “subtly” adjusting his bollocks. His fuckwittery showed one last time as the train started pulling in and he walked further along the platform. Makes me wonder if he has ever got a train before. Train had one seat available but I opted for the luggage rack as it is better. The heating is on even though it’s not cold at all and the doors are closed so I’m sweating. It isn’t nice at all. I can hear the hot air being pushed out loudly which shows how strong and unnecessary it is. Time to post as I’m shattered today and need to just do nothing for the rest of the journey. 


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