Same Train

21 Sep

It was a bit more on time today but equally as busy and I’m sitting in the same luggage rack as yesterday as the doors are jammed open still and I’m still enjoying the airflow. Someone was stood near to the luggage rack but I managed to charm him to shift so I could sit up there and now he has a seat anyway so I don’t feel so bad about it. We did share a moment of chatting about quite how bad it is now with the new timetable. I think we may even have the same driver as yesterday as he has announced as he did yesterday that we are now “fast” to Charlton. This is all very weird. Last night was good as Julie ambushed me at Cannon Street and so we had a catch up and I got the train after 7pm and I had the choice of a train every ten minutes which all went straight to Plumstead – now tell me how it is when I need a train I have the choice of the 18.14 or the 18.48 that go direct to Plumstead and so I’m now forced to get off at Woolwich and get a bus with the scabby folk who frequent buses at that time of day? It’s dire, it really is. I would write to Southeastern and complain but that’s no good because you just get a generic letter back from them without any sort of explanation and it might as well have been written by the man with the insincere voice who makes the delay announcements at Cannon Street – I still can’t place his accent and it’s been years. Time to post as we are about to go through the big tunnel en route to pass the wannabes at Blackheath. 


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