Luggage Rack 

20 Sep

Train is on time but busier than usual and so I’m stuck in the luggage rack now which works for me. The connecting doors also seem jammed open next to me and so the air flow is lovely – a near perfect commute aside from the miserable fuckers I have to share the next 30 minutes of oxygen with. Woman has decided to stand right opposite me which is annoying as I can’t stretch my legs out as I wish, and there are plenty of other places to stand but she wants to stand there. Reminds me of years ago when I used to sit in the luggage rack every day and a woman would get on at Woolwich and then sit on the floor in front of the luggage rack right in the fucking way not only of me but everyone wanting to walk through. She was a fucking annoyance to say the least. I used to waggle my feet near her in the hope she’d get the message, dopey bitch. Odd how this train gets busier on some days when the other trains are seemingly OK – the ones much earlier on were a few minutes delayed but that was all, nothing major. I think it was last Tuesday I had to stand or maybe it was Monday. I can’t remember because as you know, all the days merge into one long journey from hell and you forget your own name sometimes. How is it only Tuesday? Yesterday was long and tedious at work with the office fuckwit in and he is in again today. He will try and strike up a conversation with you and nobody bats an eyelid to engage him even though we hear what he says – nobody cares. Gobby and attention seeking and yes, I know I fall into that category but I am also witty, charming, sparkling and very modest and I have social skills that make the Queen look awkward in a room. He hasn’t got a clue. I hope my boss is in the office today to shut the fucker up as he isn’t as bad when there is authority in. I would tell him to shut up but I’m not his boss although I did tell him to get off a very long and loud personal call on Friday as it was driving me mad. Ugh another day of shit coming my way. 


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