Miserable Bastard Monday

19 Sep

Train pulls in on time. Looks busy further along but thankfully near the back where I choose to go has a few seats available. One in fact where I head and of course it isn’t easy to get to as the seat is by the window and there is a man hogging the aisle seat. The two women sitting opposite didn’t even acknowledge my existence – probably because I’m not plastered in makeup with perfect hair and figure – and so the man has to move even though I don’t day anything, I just hover and wait which is the normal behaviour for me as you know. He looks up with the dirtiest look and just sneers at me. Why do you need to do that? Just sit on the inside in the first place because nothing is worse than having to converse (or similar) with a selfish fuckwit on a Monday morning. I don’t care about your life, your thoughts, your horrible brown jumper or what you have done at the weekend – just stop being a selfish dick and sit properly. I would have skipped the seat and gone straight to the luggage rack but there is already someone there. I noticed something this morning on the front of the little book I picked up with this new timetable on it, and that is the dates as it runs until December I believe and then will change. It’s a bit late to change it for the autumn leaves on the line timetable so I can only assume it will change nicely and offer us more trains. We can but hope. We are at Charlton which is two stops from Plumstead now and it’s already standing room only at the end here. Time to post. Tunnel approaching. 


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