Selfish Ways

15 Sep

It is quite shocking that even though the trains are up shit creek permanently that people still insist on putting their VIB down next to them and get shitty when you ask them to move it. I am unsure why they think it is acceptable – it won’t stop people sitting there at all and I’ve noticed that more and more people hunt them out to move them and won’t stand for their shit. Nobody should ever have to ask for a bag to be moved. The moment people get onto a train then that is your queue to move your bag and put it onto your lap. Morons. I’m feeling very hot today after walking down the road to the station and still it’s clammy and I’m ready for a shower the second I board the train. That rain can’t come soon enough. I hate this weather. It’s September and we should be wearing light scarves rather than a sweaty top lip and a vest. I feel vile. No air moving on the train as there is no air con to speak of and air only flows on these “new” trains when the internal doors are open. That never happens anymore as the train is always rammed and people can’t get to the doors. Time to post so I can straighten my arms. 


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