5 Years Of Hell

9 Sep

I was reminded thanks to the Facebook reminder thing that today is our birthday a I have been doing this blog for FIVE years. That’s five years of horrific service because if it had improved I wouldn’t need to do it any more but I’m still here and it’s five years of the same old shit and the same Southeastern which has got worse rather than better whereas our fares have gone up. So the 7.44 was on Southeastern time again and a couple of minutes late and it struck me today about something missing while I’m waiting at the platform edge and that is the fast train to pick up the slack. It doesn’t come anymore. Sadly people who choose to take children on a commuter train will come no matter what and although it’s not the same unwashed lot from yesterday, it may as well be and they expect you to get up so they can sit down opposite a bloke with his own kid that has its own seat. I would have to tell him to get it on his lap if there weren’t any other seats. Someone actually did get up to let the woman and her kid sit down – it was in a buggy, it doesn’t need it’s own seat and neither do you. So sick of this shit and it’s day five. I am seriously considering asking work if I can change my hours to 10 til 7 because there are trains home every ten minutes that stop at Plumstead after peak time. What the fuck is that about? What sort of fuckwit thought it was a good idea to run more trains after everyone needs them? I got the train just before 9pm last night and it was a ten coach job from Cannon Street to Plumstead and had no issues. Lovely and empty like a train should be. Soon to be in the long tunnel to get us past the wannabes of Blackheath and we don’t stop there but it’s always hilarious to see their smug faces thinking they are something special.


One Response to “5 Years Of Hell”

  1. Martin September 9, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    Happy birthday ya miserable whatsit. Keep me smiling please. 5 years of bad service is only the start……try travelling on Southernfail. Worst service ever.:0)

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