Children Shouldn’t Be Seen 

8 Sep

The 7.44 was more on time than yesterday so it’s a bit less busy and that’s good. Unfortunately, what should have been a quiet journey has been shit all over by children attention seeking on their way to school with their mother who can’t be fucked to actually shut them up and a toddler that she can’t control who is now climbing all over its ugly siblings who have taken the empty seats opposite me. I’m not happy as you may be aware. The ipod is on very loudly as I don’t want to hear them but unfortunately I still have to look at them. Why are they sitting down? They haven’t paid for a ticket so why are they sitting? Stay with your mother near the doors instead of sitting where people have paid potentially thousands of pounds a year to sit. They wouldn’t get up for a pregnant woman or someone who is a bit doddery either because they haven’t been shown any manners by their mother. If she can’t be arsed to control them then she certainly can’t be arsed to teach them any manners. The eldest is opposite me and he has those dead eyes that most people on the dole have so I’m sure he is aspiring to a life of everything for nothing. Picking up the Charlton lot now and it’s still quite empty and there would be more empty seats if it was not for this paid opposite. They have been on the train all this week and I think they get off at Lewisham – in fact they must as that’s the only stop between here and London Bridge. Why not just get a bus? They leave early enough to and it’s cheaper for the mother plus people expect child fuckery on a bus so they wouldn’t have to deal with people like me just death staring at them when a peep escapes their lips and they start to fuck about in seats not intended for them. I wish we would hurry up and get to Lewisham as I can throw stand those faces any more staring up at me. You aren’t my children so go stare at your stupid mother who is probably stood jabbing away at her phone instead of actually looking after the brats she gave birth to. Save me NOW. Trains are bad enough without this added fuckery. 


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