5 Sep

A new era but a late train and a broken board at Plumstead still which takes 60 seconds to nearly finished scrolling but r freshes just as you await to see how many coaches the train is made up of and let’s just say we found it short. I think it must have been 8 coaches but I’m still not sure and I don’t know where to find that out. That pushing twat who likes to dance about to get into the “right” position for the doors got in my way, pushed on and then dithered with his two phones and over the ear Bose headphones to get a seat. He is now hunched over to my left on the other side of the aisle. Sadly this train is one of the new style trains without enough seats and I don’t think it will be long before the fuckwits catch on and realise they can get this. The evening home isn’t looking very rosy at all and I think my main option with a train that stops at Plumstead is at almost ten to seven. It should be quieter but I don’t think there is any need to wait that long. The 18.30 stops at all the slow station stops except Plumstead – what the fuck is that all about? I will look when I get to work at a more in depth solution to get home. Pusher now has his head in his lap properly and is looking very over dramatic for a Monday morning, suggesting to me that he thinks he is the only one of us who doesn’t want to be here. Why must people behave like that? Just sit properly without making the man on the inside think you are about to park your breakfast on his shoes. Now being held at Charlton on a red signal but at least the driver told us about it rather than letting us seethe and listen to a chorus of tutts and huffs from the fuckwits. God I’ve not missed this at all. New London Bridge will be a revelation. Place your bets now that I will get lost trying to locate the buses as they will send us round the houses to get out I’m sure. Remember the Olympics and a near panic attack? This will be similar I’m sure. Time to post as I need to listen to my own music to district away from the crotch that is shoved in my face but at least it’s blocking out the lap twat. Let’s see how this evening pans out…. 


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