Bye Bye 7.41

25 Aug

Today is the last day for at least 18 months that I will be getting this train. The mass fuckery begins in force on Saturday and I’m not getting the train tomorrow morning so this is the last one so let’s make it a good one. It looks to be slightly delayed at the moment which is no surprise – lots of fuckage yesterday evening which I think was due to the heat which I don’t think was too bad really. The display on platform is still broken and by broken I mean scrolling very slowly and strobing slightly making it hard to read but then the news is never worth reading so I don’t know why I bother. I got the bus again today for fear of being butchered further by that scumbag on his bike. I haven’t actually laid eyes on him though since the incident last Friday so he may have decided to cut his losses before I slash his tyres, and now goes later or gets the bus. Sensible move for sure. I’m marking the final 7.41 by sitting next to bladder on a stick so we will see how long it takes him to nod off today. It really is hilarious seeing how alive he is when his girlfriend gets the train and then how he can barely go one paragraph of the paper without nodding off when she isn’t. Speaks volumes for how much she wears the trousers in that relationship. He is the only face I recognise on this now faceless train. Never the same people anymore whereas before I had many regular characters and fuckwits that drove me mad and now, nobody. I must look to the future and the week after next when I’m back with a bang on the Monday morning. I’m going to see how busy the Charing Cross train is as that will still stop at London Bridge but then I will also have to see how the Cannon Street direct train goes – and it is the Cannon Street train where Debbie will be. I saw her on Tuesday morning and we discussed our plans for the future train fuckage. We will see what happens and of course I will ensure you are all kept up to date. 


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