Platform Strobing 

18 Aug

It’s been like it for days and unsurprisingly, the boards on platform 1 at Plumstead are still flashing and going very slowly (much like their trains) and nothing is done about it. It shouldn’t be up to passengers to report this as that station has a Southeastern presence every day but apparently they haven’t noticed it. Today we also had about seven of the burly,  brainless and bra-needing ticket inspectors who as usual just stand in a clump at the top of the stairs talking shit. Today they also had a Postman Pat ringtone to laugh at as they are allowed to have their mobile phones with them while doing their very customer facing “job” and I wish my job was that much of a breeze. Lazy fuckers the lot of them and when I have seen then challenge someone without a ticket, nothing happens anyway. I didn’t need to move a VIB to sit down today but I could have – above – and he always seems to sit like this as I recognise the ugly bag as a persistent offender. Bloke next to me by the window has some skinny jeans on with his knees pouring out in the style of the Incredible Hulk except he isn’t green. It looks ridiculous. As I am not down with the kids, I am unsure what message this is meant to be but all I think is that they are poor and live in a council house and can’t afford new clothes except he probably paid through the nose for them and the rest of his wardrobe. Why is it cool to look poor? Oh well, Thursday is well and truly underway and I am ready to lay down already. 


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