Perfectly Mis-timed

16 Aug

I got to the station just as the 7.29 was arriving nine minutes late. No way am I going to struggle to get on to that. The “fast” train then went through when the 7.41 is meant to land and the 7.41 us actually due just three minutes late which is standard for these fuckers and it should be empty… SHOULD be. The platform visuals are having difficulties this morning and are flashing and juddering along with the bad news. It is empty but all the good seats are gone which is a shame as I don’t fancy sitting by the window in a block of six and struggling to get out. I’d love to be by a window instead of the aisle. Bladder on a stick is in front – I say that and now I’ve moved to a window seat in a block of four. This isn’t as bad and it means I can spread out. I don’t think we are going to get full for a while with two trains within ten minutes in front of us and the dopey fucks of Maze Hill,  Westcombe Park and Greenwich all jamming into one train – they are so thick those people. Never bother to see beyond the next 30 seconds of their life and just see a train and try and get on. Clattering hooves at the window “can you move down a bit pleaae” and getting really irate and ultimately just making themselves look like the pricks they are and ensuring much entertainment for those on board who have a seat. It is one of my favourite sites it really is. I never find myself like that on the outside looking in – get there early or plan ahead and wait for the next one. There shows evidence that I do think further ahead than 30 seconds and thus I am not a fuckwit… as if there were any doubt. Time to post as I have to spread out. Current view is above for you. It’s bliss. 


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