Bus Stop Closed 

1 Aug

I was late leaving today because of the leak – I haven’t even bothered to bore you with it but the fridge freezer belonging to the morons upstairs is broken resulting in masses of water dripping into my bathroom and it’s rank – and not having slept too well and so I waited for a bus. It was lovely and empty. I got on, stood by the doors, moved out the way at the next stop to let people off and then heard the dreaded announcement “the next bus stop is closed” and so with a huff and a a strop and a few four letter words I minced off the bus and started to walk. Thankfully another human was with me who ended up being quite out of breath by the time we arrived at Plumstead so I am pleased with my own fitness levels as I’m not as bad as some despite being a fat bitch. The stop outside the station was closed on Saturday as well but you think they would have opened it again for the week when people want to get to the station to get to work, wouldn’t you? Saying that, Old Street bus stop has also been closed all last week causing no end of drama as the drivers haven’t bothered to tell you that the next stop is closed and so I had to open the doors myself at my own risk – a cyclist would have come off worse if he had hit me, let’s put it that way – so it’s been a bad bus few days in all. Train lovely and empty again though which is the only pleasure of school holidays. The bus is a missed opportunity though because of the stop being closed. I will need to look to see when they are opening that again. It better not be closed for the whole holiday as that will mean walking for six weeks when the buses are empty and that makes me mad. Time to post as I need some music. 


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