Suitcase Wankers

29 Jul

I have seen four or five women this morning with those silly little mini suitcases when a big bag would do and it makes me wonder why this is a weekend of minibreaking for some when I usually see this many cases when it is a bank holiday and people go away. It is most odd that they are out in force today which will of course hamper my walk from train to bus as they are dragged along behind person staring at their phone andoat likely playing Pokemon. Fully grown male playing on the train yesterday morning but I haven’t seen anyone yet this morning at it but I know it won’t be long. Man with a head like a bladder on a stick which was flopping about yesterday is today awake and alert because his girlfriend is sitting next to him. She gets off at London Bridge and he gets off at Cannon Street yet she always sits on the inside seat which leads me to believe she wears the trousers as she gets onto the train before him. Yes, it is chivalrous to let her get on first but common sense needs to kick in and as she gets off first, he should sit by the window and she in the aisle seat. Then again we know full well that these people are fuckwits and so common sense is something they can only aspire to possess. Then there is us, dear Obborati, with common sense in abundance and other course very good looks and a cracking sense of humour. Time to post as the morons at Westcombe Park are about to engulf the train, all dashing frantically to get a seat while I sit smugly in a lovely seat.


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