Pokemon Pricks

26 Jul

I’ve held back until now but I’m going to share my thoughts about this Pokemon Go shit and they aren’t nice. Why oh why oh WHY are fully grown adults insisting on playing it while walking to the station? Men in suits, suitcase in one hand and iPhone in the other desperately trying to catch a fucking cartoon character and ambling in the process. It has made the already dangerous zombie situation a whole lot worse and it is embarrassing that people my age and older are playing. It is so pathetic. Play on a weekend. Play in your street. Play in your office. Don’t play while “walking to the station” because you aren’t looking where you are going and it makes you give even less of a shit about anyone else nearby. Fucking pricks. Put it away. You are an ADULT. I did download it, tried it once and when I realised it would ensure I fucked other people off I deleted it. Being blocked from getting into my door at work by a woman trying to catch one was the final straw. Go and do it somewhere you aren’t going to be in the fucking way. On to the Southeastern fuckery now and I have checked the timetable from August after the week long closure of all London Bridge bound trains – what a fucking mess? Pics below and bearing in mind I now get the 7.41 in the morning and the 18.37 in the evening I will now be later every day in and out. I don’t know if I should get the Charing Cross train that stops at London Bridge which is at 7.44 or if it will be rammed. I guess I will see when the horrible day arrives. Either way it’s going to be a fucking shambles and we will get “congestion” as the excuse rather than any honesty. Oh well, enough ranting for me today. Before I go, just noticed that the man above who is opposite me is playing fucking Pokemon. I despair, I really and truly do.


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