Monday Already?

25 Jul

It’s been a non-stop weekend and I am failing to believe that today is actually Monday. The quiet train isn’t helping my delusion as it could easily be a Sunday or even a Saturday with the low numbers we are experiencing. This is because the train is on time and the school holidays have finally started so we can breathe a sigh of relief because of the leave en masse from work has been taken and it feels good. My absolute favourite season because it lasts for so long and it also means the bus along the road is an option to get to work. I think I have got the bus once or possibly twice so far this year in the morning. No bus in sight today mind so I had to walk but as we move into autumn and summer has finished it’s days of sun, it’s not too hot. Jeans are on so we are back to normal. The people at Westcombe Park are going to think a miracle gas happened and they will be lulled into a false sense of security for the next six weeks during the holidays thinking the trains are empty got them. Come September they will be fucked again as they all pile in desperately searching for a seat while I look on with my smug face. Ugh, onwards and upwards I suppose. 


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