Friday Fool

15 Jul

Train mostly on time but somewhat busy and I’m not sure why as the fast train was on time. I spy an aisle seat when the train pulls in and see the twat in the window seat is leaning over – that’s my seat sorted then. It soon becomes clear why he is leaning over and that is because he is charging hus phone via the socket located behind th aisle seat. For whatever reason he is too thick to think to sit in the aisle seat and then as I stand there waiting for him to make a plan and move – I didn’t even open my mouth, I just stood there expectantly – he looks at me like a lost child without a clue what to do. Eventually I tell him to sit on the outside because charging your phone on a train to work with the on board socket shows you aren’t able to look after yourself properly. If you aren’t great at charging get a portable battery – it really is that simple. He is all dressed up I’m a suit and no doubt has a job in sales or recruitment because he thinks that is an honest living and will mean he is superior. When you can’t even leave the house with a charged phone you were born to be on benefits. It’s a wonder he was even able to dress himself. Time to post.


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