Morning Mumbler

5 Jul

On the train and had to move a VIB while it’s owner is on one phone and the other is in his hand. Gobbing on at the top of his voice in another language. I think it’s the same dope that I sat next to yesterday morning who got up to get off at London Bridge and left one of his phones on the seat until I reminded him to take it. The conversation is peppered with English and the rest sounds as though he has his phone rammed under his armpit and he is continuing the chat. Thank fuck he is off at Woolwich but is one of these who just continue their conversation and then just stand up expecting you to get out of their way. Twat. Now he had been replaced with the selfish dickhead above – fucking hell give me strength. Time to post as I need distraction from that arsehole who will now need to bob back and forth in a faux attempt to get out of the way of every fucker that gets on. Why me???


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