Knock Off Red Bull

4 Jul

It seems to be the beverage of choice amongst the sheep as they wander down the street advertising that they have had no sleep and are knocking back a can of Green Cow or Blue Goat or whatever it’s called and it isn’t the original Red Bull. They look like twats – chugging that stuff back isn’t acceptable as it stinks, reminds me of a hangover (when you have had Jaeger Bombs or vodka and Red Bull) and it is ALL you can taste the next day. To contrast with the Red Bull believers we had a real friend of Jesus who is one of these who are so overcome by the Lord that they must hum and burble on about him just loud enough so everyone else can hear. How anyone can get that exciting about something that doesn’t exist needs to be sectioned. A load more faces today I’ve never laid eyes on on board the train. Nope – not a single one. Ball airer is someone who I recognise of course and the jesus woman used to get the 7.51 back when I was lazy and got that train. It keeps making me wonder if I’m on the wrong train. Where do all these fuckers keep coming from? I need to post and listen to some music to drown out the jesus lover. 


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