Aisle Hogger

30 Jun

Train was on time today and it was wet under foot but not being added to from the sky – win. Sadly as soon as I stepped on board, after ensuring two schoolie scumbags didn’t pish in after arriving at the same time the train did, the fuckery greeted me. I had spotted the window seat when the train was pulling in and only a fuckwit sitting in the aisle seat was stopping me from getting there. I got to her, said in my oh so sarcastic yet firm way “excuse me, please” and a second or two later it penetrated and she moved. But she moved over into the window seat and I just wonder what the fucking hell all this aisle seat hogging is about? Now she’s wasting the window seat opportunity by being glued to her phone and I have rage. The too close for comfort couple have managed to bag two single seats and I can hear them waffling on about some inane shit or other from their mundane lives. Well, she is talking at him and he sounds as bored as can be. I don’t know where they have come from but I’ve seen them every day this week so I think we can safely assume they are a new permanent fixture. The majority of the other fuckwits aren’t recognisable as they just get on where they see a chance. I recognise people who get on at Plumstead but that is where the recognition ends on the whole. Gone are the days of Amy Childs wannabe and her entourage. Window seat fuckwit is looking at fitness videos on her iPhone (says it all) and is facing me with her back to the window. Give me strength. Time to post.


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