Too Close For Comfort

28 Jun

They were on yesterday and again today but seeing as there are slim pickings today I shall blog about them as they – she – is annoying. They are sitting in the same two seats as yesterday. She is in the window seat and he the aisle and they are facing me. She has her head jammed into his shoulder and she’s looking down reading the paper. He looks bored, hot, annoyed and desperate to be freed. She of course is oblivious to this and thinks what she is doing is cute. They don’t speak, she just reads and he scans the carriage looking for help. What a great couple hey? There is a chorus of sniffs today and I can’t tell if they are England fans still licking their icy wounds or if they just have hayfever. If it is the latter then it needs to be dealt with by medication that people never seem to have despite knowing that it is the season to be snotty and everything is on special offer. Woman to my right and man to my left are ensuring I know that they need to blow their noses. Vile. Time to post.


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