Long Overdue

27 Jun

I was at work all last week and I know I’ve been neglecting you and my duties as BdJ but when you start reading a good book it’s all you do want to do and I didn’t want to blog. I am still reading it but I’m well aware that you haven’t had an update for over a week and you must be missing me. I apologise to you my Obborati – I am here now for the time being. Two hellish journeys last week and the first was last Monday when some fuckage or other ensued between Dartford and Slade Green and instead of coming to us trains were diverted to Bexley – lucky old Bexley line people with a veritable surfeit of trains coming their way. Meanwhile, Debs and I waited and waited and made the decision to walk to Woolwich in order to travel to the suburb of hell known as Bank only to then be greeted by biblical rain (first time last week) which made me late for work as every fucker ever wanted to get onto a bus. The next day of fuckage came on voting day but in the evening. Work was quiet as most people had train trouble but a miracle happened as Southeastern were able to get me to work and on time. My fuckery came in the evening where trains weren’t running and then to add insult to injury Bank was closed due to a fire. The rain had caused this havoc but yet a fire still raged apparently. So I left work late while I tried to make a plan to get home and eventually I took a  chance on Cannon Street and boarded the only train advertised which was to Bexley (surprise surprise) and as I was getting comfortable a Greenwich line train ambled in to the platform next to me and I skipped off that train, on to the correct one and got to the polling station at around 8pm. Fuckery but I wasn’t too late. Shame we are going from bad to worse and our first full week of political shit slinging – I was almost late today while I watched George Osborne waffling on for some ill advised damage control. Let’s just sit tight and see what happens shall we? Time to post. I need to read.


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