Beggars Belief

16 Jun

I did forget to mention her yesterday as I had pushed her to the back of the mind after greeting the suitcase wanker but she came flooding back when I saw her again today – stumbling along asking for “help” which of course equates to money. She’s shitfaced at 7.30am and clearly we are already helping her because she doesn’t work and is caning the benefits. So that is two days on the trot that she has begged for money. There was also another person further along slumped against a shop doorway asking for 50p…. They both got the same response and that was to go and get a job. I have no time for these people especially when I’m on my way to earn my money. Why do they think they can just ask in the street? New bloke I haven’t seen being a pushy fuck on the platform edge today. He got there way after I did and stood right inside me. The train started pulling in so he wandered down as he thought he was going to be really clever and thought that I didn’t know where the doors stop. Fool. So I was in the right place of course and then he comes and again stands inside me and then doesn’t move so I can stand aside and let the people off. I shoved him and he didn’t like this – he was over six foot and obviously though he intimidated me. Fool. I am not going to be intimidated by a fuckwit like that – you might be taller than me and male but my balls are way bigger than yours dearest. Sat next to bladder on a stick who has managed to stay awake thus far. We shall see. Two twats gobbing on – one is very attractive and I can tell he doesn’t want to talk to the other bloke who is mediocre and hasn’t stopped talking. They went to college together – “oh my God it was like seven years ago Oh my god” yes, try 20 years ago – and there is a reason the pretty one hasn’t kept in touch. I’m worried that he has salmon pink jeans on and those terrible moccasins and no socks… Lord above. Time to post.


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