Your Choice

15 Jun

Dopey bitch with three cases and a large number of bags sitting in the aisle seat right next to the door with an empty seat by the window. Now, put me in a situation like that and where am I going to sit to cause maximum disruption? Of course, in the window seat. As soon as I asked her to move the huffing started like we were in her own personal chauffeur driven taxi and I had caused great disrespect by asking her to move. It was clear that she had JUST got comfy so it annoyed her even more. The odd thing is is that her friend is sitting on the other side of the aisle – why not just sit together dear? This is a commuter train and I am the least of your worries. When the seats are all gone in a few stops time you are going to be even more in the way and you apparently don’t know what a luggage rack is. I couldn’t give a fuck that you are off on your holidays. Plan your journey better and get an off peak train if you insist on getting a train and then you won’t have to deal with people like me. A window seat as I’m sure you are aware has become something of a rarity of late with the increased number of people getting my train. Getting two seats together is also pretty much unheard of too. Don’t hog the space because you think you deserve it because you certainly don’t deserve it. I imagine she’s getting off at London Bridge or at least I fucking hope she is or I could be trapped behind the huge amount of pointless luggage. As always with luggage whores, none of it is stacked up on her or inconveniencing her in any way and instead it is all strewn in the aisle and right next to the door to ensure the dopey phone zombies all walk into it when they board which will make her huff even more. It is so amusing. This is a perfect situation to be in when you are on your way to work as a seasoned traveller. I do relish in annoying selfish people. Really sets me up for the day.


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