Two-wheeled Sub Humans

14 Jun


Rage levels are HIGH today thanks to the scum on bikes riding along the pavement which are increasing in number daily along Plumstead Highstreet – why? When I walk along the road is barely used so they have absolutely no excuse to use the pavement as their road and the rage is increased when they don’t even acknowledge my comments to them asking to know why they are on the pavement. Imagine the uproar of it was a motorbike on the pavement, or let’s get a little more ridiculous and say a car or even a bus? Where do you draw the line? Why don’t we abolish roads altogether and just let everyone go where they like and see people dead and dying and squashed beyond all recognition all over the place? I’m so so sick of seeing these absolute arseholes using the pavement but I have no idea where to start fighting against them aside from my own mouth. Of course I am anti-cyclist but not in the way drivers are because they aren’t put I’m danger by them. I want to be able to walk along the pavement and now have to turn my head 360 degrees like a fucking owl in order to get from A to B without needing to move out the way for one. This morning two of the fuckers came along behind me, silently and stealthily, and the first almost hit me in his desperate bid to get past and onwards to his destination which was either the drug dealer or the Job Centre. The people doing it in Plumstead certainly don’t work. On the train. Perched next to a manspreader. Train smells of mushrooms. Odd and stupid (who says 2k anything these days?) message from Ish who clearly is a fuckwit. Oh well. Time to post and a day of fun at work beckons. Sigh.


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