Crime Scene

13 Jun

As I was making my way along the highstreet to the station, and saw many a cyclist do what they all find acceptable – use the pedestrian crossing to stop the traffic then go to the opposite pavement and continue riding along on the pavement as the road is too much for them – and near to the station I came across a smashed window. Obviously I was well aware that I wasn’t the first person to walk past and so carried on walking. The woman who had chanced across it before I had though was tiptoeing through the smashed glass on the pavement and looking very carefully at the mess and damage. Don’t bother getting involved when nobody else has bothered and the glass is belonging to one of those dodgy shops that sell meat and insurance and bank transfers and shoes and haircuts. She is probably still stood there looking. I’m on the train. I have a feeling that the fast train didn’t come today as it’s quite busy. A load of faces that I don’t know and I’m sitting next to a bloke honking of fried food who has insisted on cracking his knuckles which is neither pleasant or in any way necessary. I have already had to listen to two dirty skanky fucks snorting back their phlegm and spitting it out onto the pavement outside the station and into the grass on the platform. Why do people think this is OK to do? I needed to do this on Friday when I was at the theatre. I had to wait until a particularly loud scene so I could do it quickly and then swallowed it so nobody nearby was any the wiser. Doing it whenever and wherever is just fucking disgusting. Ugh I’m raging so it’s time to post.


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