Birthday Over

8 Jun

It does feel like Monday again today after being off yesterday but this is good as there are only three days until the weekend. I was expecting rain when I left the house and it is in fact dry but most clammy and so my straight hair has now adopted a bushy look because of the humidity. My face is also glistening and I’m not looking very sexy at all. Good job everyone else on the train is looking as shit as I am then. Massage yesterday wiped me out and I had the lights and TV off by 8.30pm – no EU debate or Big Brother for me. Train was “on time” and I had to move a VIB who was getting off at Woolwich Arsenal (as they always seem to do now) but I’m in a nice window seat and the window is open blowing luke warm air into my sweaty face. Ugh I hate it when it’s like this. Clammy isn’t pleasant at all. It’s quiet though without any screaming kids yet but I’m sure they will join us eventually. Time to post. I want to put my arms down.


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