2 Jun

So apparently it is the second of June but here I am thinking it’s March – where is the sun? It’s another dull day with rain threatening and it’s not very nice at all. Not the best start to the day when I poked myself in the eye while applying the war paint, thus knocking my contact lens out of place and requiring time to relocate it and put it back. I virtually ran to the station but I am still here with time to spare. Standing in one of my fave positions and blocking the view of the dopey ball airer who stands looking down the tracks. Thank fuck – in a window seat and I didn’t have to get anyone with a bad attitude to move out of the way – this is a rarity now as these seats are almost always occupied as you have come to know. The trains are getting slowly busier and it is getting harder and harder to sit where you want and instead you have to sit where there is space. More often than not there aren’t even any seats by the time we get to Charlton now. I really don’t like the way this is going at all but there is no choice and Southeastern certainly don’t give a fuck. They extend the platforms years ago to accommodate 12 coaches all the way down this line and we are still having 8 coaches for this 7.41 service – sort that shit out. Trains desperately need to be longer. Time to post so I can stare out the window.


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