Too Busy

1 Jun

It is the school holidays and the buses have been empty but the train is a bit too busy for a service running “on time” and when the fast one went through as well. I even had to shift a VIB bitch who was sitting with her back to the aisle thinking that would stop people moving her window seat bag and two litre bottle of water – not me, bitch. You will fucking move and the huffing and sighing only makes me laugh even more. I will be interested to see where she gets off – I’m guessing Deptford possibly as she is nowhere near classy enough to get off at Greenwich to get the DLR to Canary Wharf. It isn’t a bottle of Evian it is a bottle of Highland Spring – says it all. Well, there she goes at Greenwich. I had to put my phone away as she was just staring over my shoulder when I was browsing Instagram for naked Calvin Harris and Calum Best pictures – what a rude bitch. I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of living vicariously through my Instagram feed and so I put it away and now she’s got off so I can finish up and post.


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